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We are a business partner to approximately 250 companies seeking to collaborate with stakeholders on issues critical to the future of formulated products. We work directly with legislators, regulators, non-governmental organizations and retail partners to ensure the future of safe and effective products. What differentiates CSPA from many other trade associations is its proven success in bringing diverse groups together to create beneficial policy with a strong scientific basis.


Scientific, legal, advocacy, research management and policy experts on the CSPA staff have successfully represented the growing household and institutional products industry for over 100 years. They are experienced and credentialed leaders in their fields with a depth of knowledge on the legislative, regulatory and commercial issues affecting all stages of the product supply chain. The CSPA attorneys, scientists and advocacy professionals who manage seven product divisions and three affiliate organizations are well respected by their counterparts at both regulatory agencies and on Capitol Hill.


Over 75 different member-based task groups and committees and a very active Board of Directors manage CSPA and direct its strategic focus. An array of training workshops, seminars, webinars and member conferences held throughout the year bring industry leaders, technical experts and key decision makers together to strategize about future challenges facing consumer packaged goods and institutional products companies. CSPA is widely recognized for its willingness to look “beyond the next quarter” at long-term sustainability issues surrounding the products it represents.

Event Calendar

Meetings, Workshops & Webinars

Consumer Products VOC Compliance Webinar Series

September, 15,16,17, 2015  |  Webinar

This year’s VOC compliance webinar series will provide a comprehensive overview of state and federal clean air VOC regulations affecting consumer products; provide an understanding of the complex considerations needed to assure product compliance; and assist product manufacturers in working with distributors and retailers to assure compliance.

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Retail Consumer Products Regulatory Compliance Workshop

September, 29-30, 2015  |  Sacramento, CA

Staying on top of and in compliance with Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations and hazardous waste regulations is no easy task.  In addition, it’s no secret that California has among the most aggressive environmental laws and regulations in the nation.  Keeping abreast of the myriad federal and state compliance demands requires help navigating these potentially treacherous waters.

Fortunately, help is on the way.

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U.S. Pesticide Regulation Workshop

October 6-7, 2015  | Workshop

Fundamentals: The workshop will provide a thorough overview of registration, pesticide toxicology and risk assessment, the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act, the relationship between toxicity study results and required labeling, label preparation, post-registration review of pesticides, importing and exporting, recordkeeping, incident and other adverse effects reporting, compliance and enforcement, data compensation, and protecting confidential business information.

Biopesticides: As companies look to expand their portfolio of products, the workshop will also address the regulation of microbial and biochemical pesticides including classification, data requirements and the regulation of these products by EPA’s Biopesticide and Pollution Prevention Division.

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Practical Advice on Alternatives Assessment Approaches

October 14&21, 2015  | Webinar Series

This two-part webinar series offers something for everyone from novice to expert.
The first webinar will provide a practical introduction to alternatives assessment and scientific and regulatory overview of the current state of alternatives assessment in light of the recent National Academies A Framework to Guide Selection of Chemical Alternatives. The second webinar will provide practitioners with tools and a case study to assist in the implementation of alternatives assessment.

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CSPA’s 2015 Annual Meeting

December 7-10, 2015  | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Connecting the supply chain with the consumer and institutional products marketplace for over a century, the association will provide the collaborative opportunities you need to succeed, so make plans now to meet officials from federal, state and local legislative and regulatory posts. COLLABORATION 2015 will be an event where formulators, marketers, retailers and researchers come together to create the future of formulated products.
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