Established 1949

Products Represented:
The Aerosol Products Division represents all types of products packaged in self-dispensing, pressurized containers, including spray products and foam products, used by household, institutional, commercial, and industrial consumers.

Companies Represented:
The Aerosol Products Division membership represents more than 80 percent of the current U.S. domestic aerosol industry's production capacity. Aerosol product marketers, contract fillers, suppliers of packaging components (containers, valves, overcaps, etc.), suppliers of aerosol ingredients (propellants, solvents, etc.), aerosol manufacturing equipment suppliers, aerosol technology consultants, and others involved in manufacturing, development, testing, and distribution of aerosol products.

Executive Board, Committees & Task Forces
Executive Board
Advisory Committee
Atmospheric Policy Committee
Commercial Standards Committee
Design for the Environment Committee
International Harmonization Committee
Manufacturing & Storage Standards Committee
Membership Committee
Nominations Committee
Program Committee
Recycling Committee
Survey Committee
Test & Standard Methods Committee

External Websites (CAPCO Affiliate of CSPA) (Interactive educational site on aerosols and the environment)

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