Established 1950

Products Represented:
Hard surface cleaners for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen; dishwashing products; glass, carpet, drain and biochemical cleaners, industrial and institutional laundry products, and other cleaning products such as detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers and other laundry additives.

Companies Represented:
Raw material suppliers, and manufacturers and marketers of household and professional cleaning and care products.

Executive Board, Committees & Task Forces
Executive Board
Biological Drain Maintenance Products Test Method (BDMP)
Biological Products Task Force
Cleaning Products Division Executive Board & Advisory Committee
Communications & Membership Committee
Compendium Subcommittee
Education Committee
Key Issues Committee
Light Duty Dish Wash Test Method Task Force
Membership Committee
Microbiology Subcommittee
Nominations Committee
Programming Committee
Scientific Affairs Committee
Soap Scum Test Method
Stainless Steel Test Method

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