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The Research & Regulatory Management Council (RRMC) designs and develops required health and safety data for raw chemical manufacturers and companies that market end-use products. RRMC is a uniquely robust and flexible data generating and evaluating program that has sponsored 50 cooperative research projects efficiently and cost-effectively since 1985. RRMC manages each project, providing technical support, contract and financial administration, confidential handling of sensitive data for projects ranging from 3 participants to 125+ participants and communications needs. Participating companies share the expense of administrative overhead and the cost of data development according to funding methods approved by each project group; each group retains ownership rights to all information developed via a joint venture.

RRMC acts in accordance with a published antitrust policy and within the guidelines established by the National Cooperative Research Act of 1984. RRMC operates under the auspices of the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), located in Washington, D.C.

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The RRMC Network

RRMC’s affiliation with CSPA provides additional scientific, regulatory, administrative, legal, accounting and communication expertise as well as opportunities to liaison with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials and other federal, state, and international agencies on behalf of the groups.

RRMC pools resources, data and experience to develop sound, scientific data and address various issues cost efficiently and within established deadlines. The combining of resources also assures more consistent data and direct access to state-of-the-science information.

Issues currently being addressed by RRMC joint efforts include, but are not limited to: Registration, Re-Registration, Registration Review, Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program, High Production Volume, EU Biocides Directive, Product Stewardship and data submissions to various federal, state and international regulatory agencies.

Each group pays a flat rate per annum for its share of RRMC costs and services. The flat rate includes RRMC staff salaries, benefits, rent, supplies and materials, insurance costs, accounting services, legal services, and other CSPA services as needed. This rate is based on the anticipated amount of time RRMC staff will likely be involved in the project over a year’s time.

RRMC’s capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing and executing necessary contracts.
  • Retaining a scientific consultant or consultants to act at the direction of the Group.
  • Coordinating all meetings of the Group and its subcommittees and recording and maintaining minutes of such meetings through the Chairperson of the Group and its subcommittees.
  • Conducting and coordinating all accounting and bookkeeping functions relating to the Project with review by a Certified Public Accountant.
  • Acting as a liaison with the federal, state and international agencies.
  • Retaining specialized legal counsel as necessary.
  • Provide communication support, including development and maintenance of internal and external websites and other portals to facilitate communications among the Group, plus statements for media and Q&A documents for use by .Group members.
  • Maintain positive working relationships with regulatory authorities, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Canada’s Pest Management & Regulatory Agency, The European Union Commission and State Agencies.
  • Provide timely alerts to Groups regarding regulatory and/or legislative developments that could impact the Group.
  • Negotiate contracts with laboratories and manage testing.
  • Coordinating the development and presentation of required and requested reports related to the Project
  • Administering the funds contributed by the Group for the Project.
  • Assisting participating groups with data compensation formulas and other issues. This activity does not include negotiating with prospective companies.

DEET Joint Venture
DEET Task Force/Joint Venture
DEET EU Steering Com/Joint Venture
Pyrethrin Steering Com/Joint Venture
Pyrethrin Education Program
ADBAC Joint Venture
ADBAC Issues Steering Com/Joint Venture
The Diakyl Group (DDAC)
The DDAC Issues Steering Committee/Joint Venture
Pine Oil Steering Com/Joint Venture
Iodophors Steering Com/Joint Venture
Hydrogen Chloride Steering Com/Joint Venture
Phosphoric Acid Steering Com/Joint Venture
Sodium Bisulfate Steering Com/Joint Venture
Glycols Steering Com/Joint Venture (2 groups)
(propylene/dipropylene & triethylene)
DDBSA Steering Com/Joint Venture
OAS Steering Com/Joint Venture
Residential Exposure Steering Com/Joint Venture
Antimicrobial Exposure Steering Com/Joint Venture
Piperonyl Butoxide Task Force II
Permethrin Issues Reregistration Task Force
Non-Dietary Exposure Task Force (NDETF)
Quat Residue Group Steering Com/Joint Venture
Permethrin Dermal Absorption Group
Supplier Ingredient Review Work Group
Misting Systems Group
Total Release Fogger Group
Permethrin Data Group II
Bifenthrin Task Force Steering Committee/Joint Venture
Acephate Task Force Steering Committee/Joint Venture
Plastic Aerosol Research Group, LLC
Council for the Advancement of Pyrethroid Human Risk Assessment

Past programs administered by RRMC and successfully completing their work include:

Exposure Task Force (1989)
The Ethanol Steering Committee/Joint Venture
The Aerosol Flammability Steering Committee/Joint Venture
The Fabric Softener Quats Steering Committee/Joint Venture
The New York 235 Consoritum – A group of 125 companies addressing VOC issues in
the State of New York
The Council for Antimicrobial Quality
The Propoxur Task Force
Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute
Propylene Glycol Reporting Group

“The CSPA RRMC Program has been a tremendous asset for our industry’s efforts to maintain and advance product ingredients registrations. The RRMC staff skillful management of this complex program has made it a great success story that is valued by its entire membership”

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RRMC Contacts

Hannah Alleman
Senior Project Manager | 202-833-7318

Jacqueline Anglin
Project Manager | 202-833-7317

“The RRMC Program has been a cost effective option for MGK to collaborate with competitors and customers in our industry to develop data required by the US EPA to support our active ingredients and products”

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