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CSPA hosts 10-15 events every year, ranging from large scale 3 day conference settings to single 90-minute webinars. We have training sessions and workshops to allow industry professionals a beneficial resource for career development and knowledge growth. Our events are hosted by experienced staff and industry experts. Such collaborations bring forth timely discussions on trends, changes and new requirements impacting our industry.

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CSPA Annual Meeting

The CSPA Annual meeting is held every year in December and lasts four days. The meeting is for CSPA member companies only and is packed with working groups, division & committee meetings, the President’s state of the association address, special sessions on current topics and daily B2B networking opportunities.

Currently Closed – Next Meeting Dates will be December 3-7, 2017

CSPA Mid-Year Meeting

The CSPA Mid-Year meeting is held every year in May and lasts four days. The meeting is for CSPA member companies only and is packed with working groups, division & committee updates, special sessions on current topics and daily networking opportunities during CSPA’s BizHub.


New Horizons Conference

The Cleaning Products Division hosts the New Horizons conference once every three years to provide cleaning industry professionals an academic environment to hear from specialized industry speakers on emerging issues, consumer trends and innovative product analysis.


U.S. Pesticide Regulation Workshop

The workshop provides a thorough overview of registration, pesticide toxicology and risk assessment, the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act, label preparation, post-registration review of pesticides, importing and exporting, recordkeeping, incident and other adverse effects reporting, compliance and enforcement, data compensation, and protecting confidential business information.

Coming Up Soon:

California Pesticide Regulatory Course 2017 For Consumer Products | Sacramento, California
September 13 – 14, 2017

Overview of Pesticide Regulation | Washington, DC
October 10 – 11, 2017


CPSC A-Z Seminars

The Consumer Product Safety Commission hold single day learning seminars on product safety & compliance updates.

Currently Closed

Consumer Labeling Workshops

Consumer labeling workshops are held a various times throughout the year when a change or mandatory update needs to be addressed. Labels for a variety of consumer products are in need of regulatory compliance and must meet criteria with regards to safety, ingredient disclosure and accurate use instructions.

Currently Closed

Air Quality Seminars

Air Quality is and always will be a major issue within the consumer product industry. VOCs, consumer & environmental safety regulations, indoor air quality and targeted aerosol product issues pull heavy weight when dealing with Air Quality.

Currently Closed

International Affairs Conference

CSPA’s International Affairs committee hosts a conference to keep members and non-members updated with regards to GHS and REACH guidelines.
These conferences are designed to educate CSPA members and non-member alike regarding the regulatory compliance requirements for products and serves as a forum for the sharing of accurate information important to the industry via an international information network.

Currently Closed

Annual Antimicrobial Workshop

Sponsored by the American Chemistry Council Biocides Panel, the Consumer Specialty Products Association, and ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, in coordination with the EPA Antimicrobials Division, is the only program of its nature that speaks directly to the unique needs of antimicrobial registrants. These are your opportunities to obtain all the latest policy and procedural information critical to the manufacture, marketing and sale of antimicrobial pesticides in the U.S.

Currently Closed

Cleaning Products Fundamentals

The CSPA Cleaning Products Division hosts fundamental courses for specific levels of industry expertise. Beginner courses are designed to layout the basic fundamentals of cleaning product formulations and product ingredients. Advanced courses are designed for senior level participation and outline product trends, regulations and innovative product solutions for package/product design.

Currently Closed

Aerosol Propellant Safety Seminars

The CSPA Aerosol Products Division hosts specific safety seminars on aerosol propellants. These seminars include oversight to an array of safety measures with regards to packaging, shipping, storage and product use requirements.

Currently Closed

Training Webinars

CSPA holds multiple webinars every year covering topics from GHS, VOC Compliance, Prop 65, Aerosol Fire Safety, Pesticide Registration and Automotive Specialty Products Alliance updates

Currently Closed

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