CSPA Releases Second Edition of the Consumer Products Ingredients Dictionary

WASHINGTON, DC – The Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) announces the release of the Second Edition of the CSPA Consumer Product Ingredients Dictionary.  The publication, available on CD, is a central component of industry’s effort to keep marketers and suppliers informed by providing detailed information about the ingredients used in consumer products.  The updated and expanded Second Edition features: 447 Ingredient Monographs defining 862 trade names for 47 suppliers, and defining 1,776 technical or other names.  Included on the Second Edition CD are—

  • 447 monographs defining ingredients used in aerosol products, air care products, antimicrobial products, automotive, cleaning products, polishes and floor maintenance products, and pest management products;
  • 862 trade names and 1776 technical and other names also defined in the monographs;
  • More than 420 pages of information, including ingredient monographs, indices and appendices;
  • Information on the uses, functions, chemical classes, and other technical and regulatory information on each ingredient, including any and all known CAS numbers and the VOC status for each ingredient as it relates to consumer product regulations, listed as being VOC, LVP, Partial VOC, Partial LVP, or Non-VOC;
  • Compatibility with both PC and MAC.

The Dictionary is available to both CSPA members and non-members under either a single-user license or corporate-use license.  CSPA is posting three of the key indices from this Third Update on its web site including: 1) the CAS Numbers Index; 2) the Trade Name Index; and, 3) the Technical Name / CSPA Name Index.  From these indices, industry members and the public can see the extent and scope of the ingredients in the Dictionary.

The purpose of the CSPA Dictionary is to facilitate ingredient communication and maximize transparency while balancing the need for confidentiality with disclosure, and to define all ingredients as to their chemistry, functions, source, and other names by which they are known.  The Dictionary defines each ingredient, and seeks to establish consistent nomenclature of CSPA Names that are clear, simple, precise and accurate.

The CSPA Dictionary is now more useful than ever both for product marketers and ingredient suppliers.  A typical monograph contains essential information about the ingredient such as the name of the chemical, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number(s), and chemical class, function and trade names of the finished product in which the ingredient is used.  The Dictionary also includes extensive indices and appendices that provide more than 420 pages of technical information on ingredients used in consumer specialty products.  The Dictionary is a valuable technical reference for formulation, regulatory compliance and materials purchasing personnel.

A CD of the Second Edition of the Dictionary is currently available for purchase on the CSPA website’s publications page

CSPA’s Dictionary Nomenclature Committee continues to solicit and review new ingredient applications.  The short form and standard form applications, along with instructions, are available on the Dictionary purchase page of the CSPA website.  Forms may be submitted by ingredient suppliers or by product formulators and marketers.

For further information, please contact Doug Fratz, 202/833-7304,, or Nikolay Sveshnikov, 202/833-7313,

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About Douglas Fratz

Douglas D. Fratz is the Vice President of Scientific Affairs at CSPA
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