PRIA reauthorization bill passes House and Senate, putting relief in sight for pesticide industry, EPA

Media Outlet: Pesticide & Chemical Policy
Author: Chris Knight

In this in-depth article reporter Chris Knight covers the passage of the PRIA III reauthorization in both the House and Senate. CSPA’s Phil Klein is interviewed and quoted regarding CSPA’s and the PRIA Coalition’s efforts to make this possible.

From the article: “The real message is by everybody working together, environmentalists, industry and the administration, it’s a win-win-win, and frankly I’d like to see more legislation dealt [with] this way,” Phil Klein, executive vice president of legislative and public affairs for the Consumer Specialty Products Association, tells Pesticide & Chemical Policy.

“It’s a win for EPA in providing stable funding for that agency, it’s a win for industry in giving us predictable timeframes, and it’s a win for NGO committee because more money goes to worker protection and registration review,” Klein says.

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