CSPA Response to California Department of Toxic Substances Control Announcement of Priority Products List

CSPA has been an active stakeholder in developing California’s Safer Consumer Products regulation which mandates that the California Department of Toxic Substances compile a Priority Products List. The products on the list are consumer goods sold in California that contain at least one chemical from a list of more than 1,100 that have been identified by the state as potentially harmful to people or to the environment.

“As the regulatory process unfolds, we will continue to work with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control and with other stakeholders to represent the interests of our members, who may be – for the first time — required to evaluate certain products through a state-mandated lens,” said Kristin Power, Vice President for State Affairs at CSPA.

Power said that CSPA member companies regularly assess alternative ingredients and formulations as part of their research and development process in developing new and effective products for the marketplace. Protecting public health and the environment is an inherent component of the product design process.  “We expect that complying with the Safer Consumer Products regulatory process will add significant additional costs in evaluating alternatives to the chemicals of concern and in protecting confidential business information when submitting a wide range of information to the agency,” said Power.

CSPA will continue to offer technical expertise to the Department of Toxic Substances throughout the regulatory process and in developing the Alternatives Analysis guidance.  In addition, several member company scientists serve on the Green Ribbon Science Panel, which was formed to provide expertise to the Department during the implementation of the Safer Consumer Products regulation.  CSPA, with other allied trade groups, last week released Alternatives Assessment Principles.  If done right, alternative assessments can help policymakers and manufacturers make more informed decisions about the health and environmental impacts of some products and guide the development of new and improved products for the marketplace.

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