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Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) is one of the longest active, not for profit trade groups serving the household and institutional products industry. Originating in 1914 in New York as the Insecticides Manufacturers Association, CSPA has grown to become the premier organization representing the interests of  companies involved in one or more of seven product categories: Antimicrobial; Air Care; Aerosol; Pest Management; Cleaning; Industrial & Automotive; and Polishes & Floor Maintenance.

CSPA is a member-driven and operated association. Its membership consists of marketers, suppliers, contract packagers, distributors, testing laboratories and consultants all contributing to the sale of more than $100 billion annually in the U.S. of hundreds of familiar consumer products that help household and institutional customers create cleaner and healthier environments.

The products CSPA member companies manufacture and/or sell include disinfectants that kill germs in homes, hospitals and restaurants; candles, and fragrances and air fresheners that eliminate odors; pest management products for home, garden and pets; cleaning products and polishes for use throughout the home and institutions; products used to protect and improve the performance and appearance of automobiles; aerosol products and a host of other consumer products used every day.

The mission of the association is to foster high standards that maximize the safety, performance and sustainability of its members' products. CSPA is also tasked with enhancing business opportunities for its members. And lastly, the association is looked upon to influence and proactively address legislative and regulatory challenges and outcomes at the federal, state and international level.

From the onset, CSPA has been involved in the introduction, improvement, opposition, or enforcement of laws aimed at the household and industrial products industry. Whether it was the Insecticide Act of 1914; Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act of 1947; Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 ; Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008; or the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011, the association has been engaged in the issues that may affect its members or the industry at large.

CSPA has been operating from the Nation's Capital since 1974 when the association relocated from New York City. The move was born in part, as an effort to establish a presence in closer proximity to the federal lawmakers that were introducing new regulations that would have a direct impact on industry. Prior to moving, CSPA staffers and members were already investing significant time testifying before congressional panels or meeting with government agencies, so relocating the association's headquarters made sound strategic sense.

Operationally, CSPA is organized much like any other U.S. corporation, with a chairman of the board, a president and CEO, two vice chairs, a treasurer, a secretary, and a board of directors including seven division chairmen. These officials, who obtain their positions via member elections, have final approval of CSPA policies. The association also maintains a full-time staff of nearly 20 experienced professionals working in one of six dedicated departments: Communications; Finance and Administration; Legal, Regulatory and International Affairs; Legislative and Public Affairs; Member Services; and Scientific Affairs.

Along with its industry expertise and advocacy efforts, CSPA's other core products include a variety of publications, reports, events and professional services. Publications and reports are available for purchase by both members and non-members, while services and programs such as the Compliance Assistance Group (CAG), Product Care® and Consumer Specialty Insurance (CSI), are limited to current CSPA member companies.

In addition to serving its members, CSPA also has an obligation to consumers and the public at-large. The association is dedicated to heightening public awareness about the health benefits and proper use of consumer specialty products, the importance of following label instructions, and safe disposal of household waste.

The association is a founding sponsor of the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE), which promotes the responsible and beneficial use of products to ensure a safer, healthier and cleaner environment in homes, businesses and the community. CSPA also serves as facilitator of the Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO), an affiliate program dedicated to correcting misinformation and teaching students, consumers and the media about the recycling and benefits of the aerosol product form.

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