Product Care Stewardship

Caring Today, For A Better Tomorrow

Product Care Vision

CSPA’s Product Care stewardship philosophy is recognized for safe and effective products, chemistries and services that provide desirable benefits for household, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Product Care companies use contemporary and sound science in minimizing the risk of the products and services for people, pets and our environment. 

Our Mission

To provide guiding principles through which companies can utilize a collection of best practices and sound science to develop and offer safe and effective products and services while being transparent in providing risk information to all stakeholders.

About Product Care

One of the many ways a company can demonstrate that it is responsible and conscious about the well-being of its products, people, customers, neighbors and the environment is by voluntarily participating in a comprehensive product stewardship program. All CSPA member companies are part of the Product Care movement and some become Product Care Stewards, assisting in training sessions and mentoring to other member companies. With this program, member companies are able to better assess both internal and external risks. And when people encounter the Product Care logo on a company’s product, website or marketing materials, they will be encouraged in knowing that the commitment was made toward addressing and/or protecting health and safety, quality, environment and customer service.

Product Care, which has served CSPA members since 2001, has received recognition from legislators and regulators such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target. Regulators and legislators take comfort in knowing what industry is doing to protect its customers and the environment in which they live. Retailers gain confidence in knowing that the products that line their shelves are coming from companies committed to the product stewardship principles of Product Care.

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