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At the heart of CSPA operations are its divisions. CSPA has an extensive reach through a diversity of product types, this unique diversity allows CSPA to cover all areas of the formulated products industry. Each division allows the association to effectively address a wide range of issues impacting household and institutional products. Every division has an executive board, to which members are elected and members are eligible to participate in the division committees, task forces and board meetings. The division’s Executive Board, committees and task forces meet regularly throughout the year to address existing and emerging issues and to provide forums for networking and the exchange of ideas.

Division activity generally includes but is not limited to:

  • Lead industry consensus-building process
  • Determine positions on emerging issues and regulatory and legislative priorities;
  • Support product stewardship initiatives that promote products with improved environmental, health and safety profiles;
  • Educational opportunities year round, webinars, workshops and programs at the Mid-Year and Annual Meetings;
  • Aid in the establishment of product testing and efficacy guidelines; and
  • Educate the consumer on the benefits and proper use of member company products.

If you are a CSPA member and are looking to get involved, open a division from below and contact the division staff executive.

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