Air Care

Products Division

Products Represented:

Products designed to enhance or condition the indoor environment by eliminating unpleasant odors, freshening the air or removing airborne particles. These include, in both the consumer and institutional and industrial markets: rug and room deodorizers, room sprays, candles, air fresheners, scented gels and other static product forms, electronic room fresheners and other dynamic product forms.

Companies Represented:

Chemical suppliers, fragrance suppliers, manufacturers and marketers, and testing laboratories.

Executive Board, Committees & Task Forces

Executive Board
Candle Committee
Deodorization Committee
Device Committee
Education / Communications Committee
International Regulatory Committee
Membership Committee
Nominations Committee
Program Committee
Scientific Committee

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Product Types

Air Fresheners, Double Phase Aerosol
Air Fresheners, Single Phase Aerosol
Dual Purpose Air Fresheners/Disinfectants
Air Freshener, Liquid/Pump Spray
Air Freshener, Solid/Semisolid
Odor Remover/Eliminator (Aerosol)
Odor Remover/Eliminator (Non-Aerosol)
Other Air Fresheners

Incense Products
Liquid Candles
Scented Candles
Potpourri/Potpourri Oil
Other Scented Products

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