Products Division

Products Represented:

Products and ingredients designed to control or eliminate microbes in any environment and that are subject to antimicrobial and pesticide regulations.

Companies Represented:

Chemical suppliers, manufacturers and marketers, and testing laboratories and related services.

Executive Board, Committees & Task Forces

Executive Board
Antimicrobial Efficacy Group (AEG)
Communications Committee
Membership Committee
Nominations Committee
Regulatory Committee
Program Committee

External Website

Affiliate Website (Alliance For Consumer Education – ACE)

Interested in Antimicrobial Products?

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Product Types

Dual Purpose Air Fresheners/Disinfectants

Other Antimicrobial Agents

Disinfectant (Aerosol)
Disinfectant (Non-Aerosol)
Mold and Mildew Retardant
Sanitizer (Aerosol)
Sanitizer (Non-Aerosol)

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