Pest Management Division

Products Represented:

Products and ingredients designed to control or eliminate pests in any environment and that are subject to pesticide regulations. Types of products include insecticides, rodenticides, repellents, insect bait stations and traps, lawn and garden products, and pet products.

Companies Represented:

Pest Management Division members manufacture, formulate, and market consumer, industrial and institutional products that protect against pests that pose public health threats and promote human health and comfort. The division also includes chemical producers, industrial suppliers, distributors and packaging suppliers.

Executive Board, Committees & Task Forces

Executive Board
Membership Committee
Nominations Committee
Pet Products Subcommittee
Registration Subcommittee
Total Release Foggers Workgroup
Efficacy Workgroup

Voluntary Incident Reporting Forms | FIFRA 6(a)(2)

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Product Types

Anti-desiccant/Anti-transpirant Products
Blossom Set Products
Foliar Sprays without Pesticide Claims
Leaf Shine Products
Pesticide Adjuvants
Plant Growth Regulators
Pruning/Grafting Sealers or Paints
Soil Penetrants
Other Garden and Lawn Care Products

Lawn and Garden Fungicide
Lawn and Garden Nematicide
Mold and Mildew Retardant

Algae Control (non-aquatic)
Aquatic Herbicide
Moss Control Products
Non-Selective Terrestrial Herbicide

Animal Repellant
Botanical Insecticide
Crawling Bug Insecticide (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Dust Mite and Allergen Preventative
Dusting Agent
Flea and Tick Insecticide
Flying Bug Insecticide (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Horticultural Oil
Insecticidal Soap
Insecticide Fogger
Insect Repellant (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Lawn or Garden Insecticide (Aerosol & Non-Aerosol)
Pest Baits and Traps (not including exempted bait station insecticides)
Pest Repellant Candles
Pest Strips or Tape
Residual Insecticides
Rodent Poison or Bait
Wasp or Hornet Insectide

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