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Acting Antimicrobial Director Lays Out 2015 Priorities: Protection, Performance, Partnership

by Brigid Klein on March 17, 2015 No comments

The Antimicrobial Division of the Environmental Protection Agency has three “targets” for 2015: protection, performance and partners, Jennifer McLain said March 10. McLain, acting director of the Antimicrobials division, delivered the opening presentation of the 11th Antimicrobial Workshop, held in Arlington, Virginia.

Protection means ensuring the division has the information it needs to support its ultimate mission: to protect human health and the environment, McLain said. Reregistration will be a big piece of the protection pie, she said. Reregistration is a one-time review of pesticides first registered before November 1984.

The performance target includes goals such as transparency, consistency and efficiency, she said. To that end, the division has, for example, increased the use of certain letter templates to ensure recipients more quickly recognize what is being communicated from the division, and can more easily discern what the next steps are and what decisions should be made.

The SmartLabels, current in pilot-program mode, can also increase EPA efficiency and be helpful for industry, McLain said. The agency’s Use Site index is derived from actual labels, thus the intricacy of the index reflects the reality that different words are used to describe the same thing. The SmartLabels could standardize things, benefiting EPA and allowing industry stakeholders to more easily look up competitor products.

As for partnership, the workshop itself was a prime example, she said. The workshop is co-sponsored by three trade associations, the Consumer Specialty Products Association, ISSA, and the American Chemistry Council Biocides Panel, with the support of EPA.

The workshop, McLain said, was “a great opportunity for us to connect with a really important segment of our stakeholder community.” The division looks forward to continuing to work with its partners in industry, international governments and NGOs to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

Brigid KleinActing Antimicrobial Director Lays Out 2015 Priorities: Protection, Performance, Partnership

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