Supporting Education Efforts to Prevent Inhalant Abuse and the Intentional Misuse of Consumer Products

Inhalation abuse is the intentional misuse of certain consumer products.  Practical experience has demonstrated education is our best weapon to combat this problem.  Everyone should understand the dangers of inhalation abuse and why legitimate products should not be abused.

For the past 30 years, CSPA has successfully led industry’s proactive efforts to educate the public about the insidious dangers of inhalation abuse and in 2000, CSPA affiliate the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) was founded. One of ACE’s three core programs is Inhalant Abuse Prevention.

Approximately 40 states have enacted laws that address inhalation abuse.  The majority of these laws impose criminal sanctions upon the intentional misuse of legitimate consumer products and certain other substances.  CSPA supports strong programs for education of youth, parents, schools, first responders and law enforcement officials on the dangers and signs of inhalation abuse.   Information on inhalation abuse should be included in training and education information provided to existing infrastructures through school counselors and nurses, substance abuse treatment programs, and local health clinics that provide such services to youth and families.

CSPA supports legislation at the state level focused on the criminal conduct of intentionally misusing legitimate consumer products.  Such legislation could include such things as defining inhalants as a drug for the purposes of vehicle and traffic law (DUI and DWI classifications) and making it illegal to intentionally abuse products as inhalants.  CSPA opposes legislation that would prohibit or restrict the sale of legitimate consumer products, impose limits on the purchase of a particular product form or require retailer lock-up of such products because of their potential for illegitimate use.

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adminSupporting Education Efforts to Prevent Inhalant Abuse and the Intentional Misuse of Consumer Products