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American Chemical Society Roundtable Explores Greener Alternatives

by admin on March 5, 2015 No comments

If the academic community was more aware of the specific needs of the formulated products industry, it could use its “creativity and expertise” to develop greener alternatives, seventeen scientists making up an American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Formulator’s Roundtable said in a paper published recently by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The formulated products industry, which uses hundreds of chemicals to formulate products is seeking greener technologies and materials, the scientists wrote. Opportunities exist, but the cost of replacement chemicals must be competitive, and “no company wants to substitute a chemical with one it thinks is better, but later finds it has some negative characteristics, they said.

You can access the executive summary for the paper here, with the option for full access.

adminAmerican Chemical Society Roundtable Explores Greener Alternatives

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