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CSPA Accepts Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award from EPA

by admin on June 22, 2015 No comments

Today June 22, 2015 CSPA accepted the Safer Choice Partner of the Year award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Safer Choice commends the CSPA for partnering with the program and key stakeholders on efforts to advance safer products among its member companies. Of note, Safer Choice applauds CSPA’s collaborative spirit and success on leadership issues, such as spearheading Safer Choice’s implementation of ingredient disclosure, working across the public interest spectrum to identify common values and advance the common good.” – EPA Safer Choice Program

“We believe this program has benefits for both consumers and for formulators who are developing the branded products consumers want and need. Safer Choice and CSPA have helped increase ingredient transparency so that users of products know more about what’s in them. And our member companies have been incentivized to innovate – reformulating some existing products and developing new ones that will meet Safer Choice program criteria.” –  Chris Cathcart, CSPA President & CEO.

See the full list of winners here

adminCSPA Accepts Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award from EPA

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