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CSPA Campaign Doubles Aerosol Recyclability Labeling, Magnifies Benefits

by admin on August 27, 2015 No comments

CSPA’s Aerosol Recyclability Promotional Campaign has more than doubled member companies’ “recyclable labeling” since 2012, providing increased public education about aerosol benefits and enhancing overall benefits for both consumers and vendors.

A survey conducted this year by the Aerosol Products Division (APD) reveals very strong results for the campaign, which APD initiated in December, 2012 with an Open Letter on Aerosol Recycling. The Open Letter encouraged member companies to add “Please Recycle When Empty” logos or language to their aerosol product labels. Today almost 70% of member aerosol products now feature the logo and/or text, while less than 30% did in 2012.

“Our main goal here is to educate the public to recycle their empty aerosol containers, and understand that recyclability is one of the key benefits of the product form” says D. Douglas Fratz, APD Staff Executive and Senior Science Fellow. “The economic and environmental benefits [of aerosol recycling] are quite clear, including lower costs for metals, saved energy use, and less related pollution from mining and processing ore…there is a growing recognition that ‘Please Recycle’ is a more important and effective label message for aerosols than ‘No CFCs’, which were phased out decades ago.”

Fratz adds that APD’s survey also showed that many members are still phasing in new recycling messages on product labels, which should increase the percentage of products labeled for recycling.

CSPA has been successfully working for decades with partner associations, including the Steel Recycling Institute, to increase the number of recycling programs that accept empty aerosol containers. CSPA’s APD Recycling Committee is also working to collect further data on access to aerosol recycling, and will use the data to identify programs not accepting aerosols and lobby for their inclusion.

adminCSPA Campaign Doubles Aerosol Recyclability Labeling, Magnifies Benefits

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