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CSPA Member Companies Respond to Hurricane Harvey

by admin on September 11, 2017 No comments

An overwhelming number of CSPA member companies, their employees, and CSPA staff have responded to recovery efforts resulting from Hurricane Harvey.  Donations of water, food, laundry detergents, disinfectants, sanitizers, mosquito and tick repellants, and other essential items have flowed into affected areas to help residents with their immediate needs. Additionally, cash donations made by member company employees (with many companies matching funds) and by CSPA staff will help with the longer-term recovery efforts in devastated areas.

“CSPA member companies – too numerous to list – regularly step up to help in communities that have faced natural disasters,” said Steve Caldeira, CSPA President and CEO. “It’s gratifying but not surprising that our member companies are always willing to help by donating critical items that people rely on for essential day-to-day health and personal hygiene purposes.”

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas coast on August 25. More than 51 inches of rain fell in some locations in Texas, resulting in widespread flooding.  Some areas of Louisiana also experienced heavy flooding, and the states of Alabama and Tennessee suffered from severe weather. According to USA Today, 19 trillion gallons of rain pounded southeast Texas and 5.5 trillion gallons of rain fell over Louisiana.  Estimates put damages from Hurricane Harvey at $190 billion, making it more costly than Hurricane Katrina.

adminCSPA Member Companies Respond to Hurricane Harvey

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