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CSPA & Members Receive Safer Choice Partner Awards

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Under the soaring ceiling of the Ronald Reagan Building rotunda in Washington, DC June 22, representatives of the CSPA and three of its member companies proudly joined 17 other organizations honored by the Environmental Protection Agency as Safer Choice 2015 Partners of the Year. EPA Assistant Administrator Jim Jones presented awards to Chris Cathcart, CSPA President and CEO; Lauren Danielson, President and CEO of Osprey Biotechnics; Mary Ann Auer, Owner and CEO of Wexford Labs; and Frank Pacholec, Vice President, R&D and Corporate Sustainability Officer at Stepan Company.

CSPA was recognized by Safer Choice in the Program Supporter category for its efforts to advance safer products among its member companies and for its collaborative spirit in spearheading Safer Choice’s implementation of ingredient disclosure. In his remarks, Chris Cathcart noted that “Safer Choice and CSPA have helped increase ingredient transparency so that users of products know more about what’s in them. And our member companies have been incentivized to innovate – reformulating some existing products and developing new ones that will meet Safer Choice program criteria.” The CSPA members receiving awards demonstrated that while it may be challenging, it’s possible to develop effective alternatives.

Osprey Biotechnics and Wexford Labs were both honored in the formulator/manufacturer category. Osprey uses microorganisms as alternatives to traditional chemicals and displays the Safer Choice label on all its products. It was honored for continuing to increase its offering of Safer Choice labeled products during the past 12 years. Wexford Labs was recognized for its innovations in disinfectants and healthcare products, especially for formulating the first hospital-grade Design for the Environment recognized product in EPA’s pilot program on antimicrobial products.

Stepan Company was recognized in the innovator category for advancing the use of safer chemicals through its participation in and support of CleanGredients®. Jim Jones noted that Stepan has developed safer surfactants and even promotes the Safer Choice label in its Surfactant Sales Trainee Program.

EPA developed the Partner of the Year Awards to recognize Safer Choice stakeholders who have furthered the safer chemistry and safer product goals of the program. Winners have demonstrated active and exemplary participation in and promotion of the program. To qualify for the program label, a product must meet EPA’s standard, which includes stringent human and environmental health criteria. The Safer Choice Program currently has nearly 500 formulator-manufacturer partners who make more than 2,000 products for both retail and institutional customers.

For more information about the Safer Choice Partner of the Year Awards, click here

adminCSPA & Members Receive Safer Choice Partner Awards

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