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CSPA Seeks Comments on New Cleaning Product Guidance Documents

by admin on February 5, 2014 No comments

The Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) is currently seeking public comments on the following test method guideline: “Microbiological Examination of Household and Institutional Products: Microbial Enumeration Test Guidelines.” Specifically, this guideline was created for enumeration tests that will allow quantitative enumeration of mesophilic bacteria and fungi.  These tests are designed to establish compliance to raw material, manufacturing intermediate and finished product microbiological specifications. In addition, CSPA is also seeking comment on the following general guidance documents that were recently approved by the Division’s Microbiology subcommittee:

i.      Microbiological Quality of Finished Products

ii.      Microbiological Quality of Raw Materials

Please note that these guidelines do not apply to foods, drugs or cosmetics. They also do not apply to those organisms within products whose user benefit is established via viable microbial populations (e.g. biological drain/trap cleaners). Reviewers will have 30 days from this release to submit their comments or feedback to CSPA.

For questions or to request a copy of the guidance documents for review, please contact CSPA’s Cleaning Products Division Staff Executive Tim Brown at tbrown@cspa.org. The finalized guidelines will be available for purchase individually via the CSPA website. In addition, once approved, the guidance documents will be included in the CSPA’s Cleaning Products Compendium.

CSPA’s test methods and guidelines are used by those engaged in the formulation, manufacture or marketing of cleaning products. The availability of the test methods and guidelines are the result of a collaborative and consensus research and evaluation process with input from CSPA member companies and the public.

adminCSPA Seeks Comments on New Cleaning Product Guidance Documents

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