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Euromonitor Covers Home Care Global ‘Over-Performers’ in 2014

by admin on March 6, 2015 No comments

Home insecticides, surface care, and laundry care are among the top “over-performers” in the global home care industry during 2014, according to a recent Euromonitor industry analysis. Home care overall rose 6 percent in value sales to just over $155 billion USD, Euromonitor said in part one of its Home Care Review.

Venezuela contributed to home insecticides’ 11.4 percent growth. Excluding Venezuela, home insecticides grew 8 percent, according to the analysis. Surface care saw a 7 percent value growth, with multi-task products such as home care disinfectants and multipurpose cleaners boasting the greatest gains. Laundry care posted a 6 percent increase in sales, exceeding $82 billion USD, driven by demand for laundry detergents, Euromonitor reported.

Also among the top performers are polishes, dishwashing, toilet care, bleach and air care.

The Euromonitor Analysis is accessible here. (Subscription required)

adminEuromonitor Covers Home Care Global ‘Over-Performers’ in 2014

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