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Why Join CSPA? For These Three Reasons:

We Advocate

CSPA is a business partner to approximately 250 companies seeking to advocate to positively shape the industry landscape. We identify and address relevant legislative, regulatory, and market challenges and opportunities. We proactively collaborate with key stakeholders to strengthen our voice and maximize our impact in achieving policy solutions.

We Lead

Over 75 different member-based task groups and committees and a very active Board of Directors lead CSPA and its efforts that drive our industry’s progress, vitality, and positive reputation. CSPA promotes the adoption of best practices that maximize safety and sustainability. We strengthen communication and education efforts to increase awareness and understanding of policy makers, the public, and other key stakeholders. CSPA coordinates and facilitates efforts with relevant agencies to advance solutions that showcase the benefits of members’ products.

We Connect

The CSPA staff of scientific, legal, advocacy, research management and policy experts successfully connect with our community to increase member value. We expand and enhance member communications platforms and protocols.  CSPA optimizes networking opportunities that foster business relationship development and our organizational growth. We assess and optimize programs, products and services that address members’ current and future needs and challenges.

CSPA is committed to supporting the consumer specialty products industry and providing science-based information about the industry to the public. Our commitment is demonstrated in several ways:

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