Cleaning Products Compendium 5th Edition


The Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), along with members of the Cleaning Products Division, strives to keep its members current on new issues and aware of emerging technologies that impact the industry, including the development and standardization of test methods. This Fifth Edition of the CSPA Cleaning Products Division Test Methods Compendium is the most recent example of providing the most up-to-date compilation of expertise available. Several of the methods were developed years ago and are still applicable today.

In 2001, the CSPA Detergents Division renamed itself as the Cleaning Products Division to reflect more accurately the scope and focus of its member companies. Types of products represented by the Division include hard surface cleaners for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen; dishwashing products; glass, carpet, drain and biochemical cleaners; laundry products such as detergents, fabric softeners, and stain removers. Please note that CSPA was CSMA and that designation is retained were appropriate.

In 2011, the Cleaning Products Division reviewed and updated most of the existing methods. In section 1, the following methods were updated to reflect industry changes as well as the various types of products available in today’s marketplace: Machine Dishwashing Estimation of Foam (DCC-01), Rug Shampoo (DCC-03), Deposition on Glassware During Mechanical Dishwashing (DCC-05A), Foam Stability of Hand Dishwashing Detergents (DCC-10), Guidelines for Screening the Efficacy of Oven Cleaners (DCC-12), Fabric Softeners (DCC-13A-F), Guidelines for Anti-Redeposition Properties of Laundry Products (DCC-14), Guidelines for Measuring Degree of Surface Abrasion by Abrasive Cleaners (DCC-15), and Guidelines for Evaluating the Efficacy of Bathroom Cleaners (DCC-16). In addition to updated test methods, this Fifth Edition also includes an updated list of Independent Contract Laboratories in Section III.

As new scientific issues continue to emerge, new test methods are being developed even as this edition is going to print. Global harmonization will require a new perspective on the very nature of the next compendium. This is therefore the challenge to every CSPA Cleaning Products Division member to keep your compendium viable and modern and begin shaping its future now.

CSPA makes no representation or warranties with respect to the contents of this compendium, except that it represents the best current information available to the Cleaning Products Division Scientific Committee, subcommittees, Executive Board and CSPA staff.


Table of Contents


Section 1: CSPA Performance Test Methods and Guidelines for Cleaning Products

Section 2: Bibliography of Test Methods and Guidelines for Laboratory Evaluation of Performance Attributes of Cleaning Products

Section 3:Independent Contract Laboratories in North America

Section 4: Review of Selected Detergents and Cleaning Products Performance Testing Literature

Section 5: CSPA Bibliography of Detergent Technology

Section 6: CSPA Ingredient White Papers

Section 7: Appendix

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