Slip Resistance of Wet Floors


Measuring the Slip Resistance of Wet Floors:  Which Testers Perform Best?

Authors/researchers: James F. Hermann, Paul F. Lewis, and Ezekiel J. Hellenbrand

CSPA’s Polishes and Floor Maintenance Division reviews and monitors standards and test methodology of relevance to the floor polish industry. Working in conjunction with CSPA member company Johnson Diversey, Inc., the Division offers the following findings on test methods used to measure the slip resistance of wet floors. The study reviews and compares five different machines to test their abilities to differentiate the performance of a variety of flooring types under adverse wet conditions. The conclusion of this research is notable and timely, as the industry considers the adoption and implementation of standards to measure slip resistance of wet floors.


1.  Introduction

2.  Test Equipment

–       Devices for Measuring Wet Coefficient of Friction (CoF)

–       Other Materials Used in Testing

–       Test Surfaces

3.  Test Surface Preparation

–       Treated Surfaces

4.  Test Procedures

5.  Test Results

6.  Discussion of Results

7.  Conclusions

8.  References

This document has been approved for circulation by the CSPA Polishes and Floor Maintenance Division December, 2011.

For questions pertaining to the contents of this study please contact the CSPA Polishes and Floor Maintenance Division.

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