Defeating Unreasonable Increases in State Pesticide Registration Fees

Consumer protection and health benefit products include disinfectants, sanitizers, germicides, antibacterial products, and insect and rodent control products. Consumers use these products to protect themselves, their children and their residential premises. Institutions such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels and others use these products to protect public health. Under federal and state law, consumer protection and health benefit products are defined, registered and regulated as pesticides.

Manufacturers register pesticide products and pay registration fees in each state. Currently, the average annual fee is approximately $200 per product (or over $10,000 to register one product in all 50 states). Many states have, or are considering, adopting increases in these fees either to raise general purpose revenues, or to finance special purpose programs.

CSPA does not oppose reasonable pesticide registration fees that fund the cost of administering state registration programs and services which equally benefit all pesticide registrants. However, CSPA does oppose pesticide registration fees that are dedicated to funding special programs that are unrelated to consumer protection and health benefit products.

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