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The Ultimate Recap of the CSPA XPAND2017 Annual Meeting

by admin on December 21, 2017 No comments

CSPA set out to create a new kind of meeting. One in which members could learn about their fields and work on critical issues affecting industry while connecting to one another and exploring new topics. XPAND2017 was the result of that vision. Thanks to the participation and passion of member companies, it was a success!

The Annual Meeting responded to members’ needs by including more prescient speakers, including Marty Regalia, Charlie Cook, A.B. Stoddard, and many thought leaders in our industry. The new golf session, Executive Track, Marketing Track, and Networking Sessions gave attendees opportunities to connect with one another and share experience and knowledge.

Division and committee meetings dove into the technical, regulatory, and legislative changes that took place this year. Our dedicated membership made this our most successful meeting yet. Check out the full recap to reflect on a great meeting and look forward to the goals for 2018: Ultimate XPAND2017 Recap

adminThe Ultimate Recap of the CSPA XPAND2017 Annual Meeting

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