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Using Repellent Products to Protect against Mosquito-Borne Illnesses – Zika Virus

by admin on February 2, 2016 No comments

Originally from EPA.gov – Recent outbreaks of mosquito-borne viral illnesses in Puerto Rico and Hawaii have raised questions about how to protect against the mosquitoes that transmit dengue, Zika, and other viral diseases (Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti).

Insect repellents registered by the EPA can be expected to repel these mosquitoes, provided the EPA-approved labeling says the product is for use to protect against mosquitoes in general or against Aedes mosquitoes in particular. EPA must have reviewed and accepted data to support these claims.

Insect repellents are one part of a more comprehensive program to control mosquitoes that transmit diseases such as dengue or Zika. Avoiding or preventing bites can help prevent transmission of dengue and any other vector-borne diseases. You can, for example, exclude mosquitoes from your home by using window and door screens. Dressing in light-colored clothing, long pants, and long sleeves, avoiding areas where mosquitoes are present, and taking other actions such as removing sources of standing water to prevent breeding can also help.

When using repellents, always follow label directions and safety precautions.

adminUsing Repellent Products to Protect against Mosquito-Borne Illnesses – Zika Virus

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