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Valuable Member Engagement at Impact 2016

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If it’s May, it’s time for CSPA members’ annual mid-year business meeting of the association. This year’s gathering Impact 2016, was noteworthy for a number of reasons:

  • The palpable excitement among leaders from the Hill about home-stretch negotiations on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reform bills
  • A beautiful new venue that facilitated networking among members and over 50 speakers from government agencies, NGOs and retail organizations
  • A gala opening cocktail reception honoring seven companies named EPA’s Safer Choice Partners of the Year
  • A special celebration for a valued CSPA member attending his final meeting

Bill Auriemma

Impact 2016 had excellent attendance with members representing 145 companies jockeying for front row seats at the general session to hear CSPA Board Chair Bill Auriemma (Diversified CPC), CSPA President and CEO Chris Cathcart and Fox News television host Chris Wallace. Auriemma, a 40-year member of the association, shared his personal reasons for supporting CSPA. “I that that this member-driven trade association has become more relevant than ever with growing involvement from major players in the supply chain, including retailers,” he said. “Now when I come to the Annual and Mid-Year meetings, the entire supply chain is represented.” Auriemma credited the organization’s growth to 16 years of excellent leadership under Chris Cathcart, who has announced plans to retire in January, 2017.


Chris Cathcart

Cathcart’s legacy at CSPA is building successful relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders and many of them were well-represented at the four-day meeting. EPA, the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the Department of Transportation, the Environmental Defense Fund and a host of other special interest groups engaged with members in division meetings and special session.

In his remarks, Cathcart commended the efforts of companies involved in the Federal Government Affairs Advisory Committee on making TSCA reform a reality. He also praised the successful efforts of the State Government Affairs Advisory Committee on California product ingredient communication legislation. Cathcart honored the seven CSPA member companies recognized by the EPA Safer Choice Program and another eight members for assisting the CDC Foundation in combatting the Zika crisis with product donations for Zika Relief Kits. He told conference attendees he is “proud to manage an organization that is so different from many other trade groups in Washington. What sets us apart is our willingness to take risks.” Cathcart asked members to stay engaged as the association Board embarks on a major strategic planning process that will help set the future direction for the association’s activities. He closed his remarks by recognizing the contributions to CSPA of Dr. Montfort Johnsen, a member since December 1952, who holds the distinction of having attended all 127 Mid-Year and Annual Meetings since then—along with another 50 meetings in-between.


Chris Wallace

Keynote speaker Chris Wallace got the audience laughing with a 10-minute standup routine full of one-liners skewering politicians of both parties. He shared his experiences interviewing the Presidential candidates and predicted that this election will be the nastiest in his lifetime.

The General Session closed with the awarding of the Murray Glauberman Scholarship award to Lucille Hu, daughter of June Du, a scientist for CSPA member company Henkel.

Each division held programs and meetings to update members on issues related to their businesses. Highlights from those include:

Aerosol Products Division

At the Aerosol Products Division meeting, Dr. Montfort Johnsen received a special award recognizing his more than 60 years of service to CSPA and the aerosol industry. He opened the division program with a retrospective look at his early years.  He also presented a rare 1942 aerosol insecticide pump to Division Staff Executive Doug Fratz. Sara Stickler updated members on the consumer education efforts by ACE, and EPA’s Clive Davies explained how to get additional ingredients on the Safer Chemical Ingredients List to facilitate new aerosol products in the Safer Choice program.  Adam Gendell of the Sustainable Packaging Council provided the long-awaited preliminary results of a new CSPA-co-funded study on the availability of recycling for empty aerosol containers.  EPA’s Drew Lausch and DOT’s Stephen Andrews each updated members on the regulatory plans of their respective agencies regarding aerosol products.  James Bloome (R.A. Jones & Company) gave an overview of the newly revised 4th Edition of the CSPA Aerosol Propellants Safety Manual, and Bill Frauenheim (Diversified CPC) updated the division on efforts of CSPA and the Alliance for Responsible Regulation coalition in the area of LVPs and VOCs.  The final presentation by Gina Bucciarelli (DS Containers) unveiled the results of the CSPA Aerosol Pressurized Products Survey on aerosol production in the United State in 2015, which saw an historic new high in unit production.

Air Care Products Division

The Air Care Division discussed a wide range of developing issues that impact member companies’ air care products and the fragrances that make these products possible.  Bob Nelson (Yankee Candle Company) discussed the coordinated industry response to negative media articles on fragranced candles.  Ivette Cabello-Straub (RB) reported that the Device Committee’s proposed revision to UL 283 flash point testing requirements was submitted to the UL Standards Technical Panel earlier this month; the Device Committee will notify members when UL initiates the 30 day ballot for voting and commenting on the proposed amendment.  Greg Adamson, Ph.D. (Givaudan) provided a thorough update on current and pending European Union and REACH regulations.  Joel Burdick, Ph.D. (Mast Global /L Brands) discussed current scientific and technical issues related to implementation of REACH.

The program committee co-chairs, Heidi Fuentes (RB) and Cynthia Reichard (Arylessence), organized an informative program entitled, “Future Development Opportunities for Air Care Products:  Insights, Technology and Demographics” featuring presentations on:

  • “Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities” by Kristy Altenburg, Kline Group
  • “Predicting Olfactory Perception” by Joel Mainland, Ph.D., Monell Chemical Senses Center
  • “Millennial Marketing Trends” by Dan Coates, President, Ypulse, Inc.

Antimicrobial Products Division

The Antimicrobial Program on Strides in eRegistration: State & Federal Update featured a demonstration of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Central Data Exchange (CDX) for electronic registrations.   EPA staff also presented on eCSF, eLabels and eNoa. In addition, there was also an overview of the process for electronic state renewals and payments.

Cleaning Products Division

The Cleaning Products and Polishes & Floor Maintenance joint program began with an overview of the upcoming Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) program and requirements from Susan Sharkey, CDR Team Lead at the EPA. During this session, Sharkey highlighted the upcoming changes in store for the 2016 CDR reporting and instructed members on how to submit CDR data, and who must report. Following Ms. Sharkey’s presentation, part two of the program focused on “Innovative and Green Advances in Chemical Solutions.” Specifically, members heard presentations on Cellulosic Polymer Technologies for Fabric, Hard Surface and Personal Care Applications, the first EPA registered paint with public health kill claims, and innovations in hard surface cleaning products.

A Cleaning Products Intermediates Course will be scheduled for December immediately preceding the CSPA Annual Meeting and the New Horizons workshop will be scheduled for 2017

Industrial & Automotive Products Division

The Industrial and Automotive Products Division Executive Board convened to discuss priority topics for the division and advocacy activities related to EPA Work Plan Chemicals; Prop 65 listings and regulatory reform and California Air Resources Board Consumer Products Surveys and research.

Polishes & Floor Maintenance Division

The Polishes and Floor Maintenance Division elected Carmine Savaglio (SC Johnson) Chair and James Tyrakoski (Tech Sales) Vice-chair.  There was an extended technical discussion on walkway safety and re-evaluating the performance of slip resistance testing devices to update the white paper on the subject.  The Scientific and Walkway Safety committees will undertake this activity.  In addition, the Scientific committee will explore if measuring slip resistance on concrete flooring is compatible with the ASTM-2047 testing method.  The Communications committee discussed updates to the website including expansion of the history of polishes and flooring and inclusion of green and certification programs.

Pest Management Products Division

The highlight of the three-day Mid-year Meeting for the Pest Management Division undoubtedly was its program on the public health challenges that vector-borne diseases present to federal, state, and local government.  Speakers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—Dr. Ann Powers, Acting Branch Chief, Arboviral Diseases, the US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs—Marty Monell, Deputy Director for Management and Susan Lewis, Director of the Registration Division, and the American Mosquito Control Association—Joe Conlon Technical Advisor, gave dynamic presentations about their role in combating mosquitos carrying the Zika virus and protecting pregnant women and women of child-bearing years against infection.

Special Session: Perspectives on Hazardous Waste Classification and Disposal

Thursday morning featured three speakers, Drew Lausch, U.S. EPA, Peter Hesketh, Director of Marketing and Environmental Services, Costco Wholesale, and Kristin Alstad, Senior Regulatory Compliance Manager, Inmar. Members received a review of the agency’s thinking and the companies’ comments regarding the 2014 Notice of Data Availability for Hazardous Waste Management in the Retail Sector, along with a better understanding of an expanded role reverse logistics could play in disposal and reclamation of consumer waste products currently and unavoidably classified as hazardous waste. This session illuminated possible paths forward for retailers, their consumer product suppliers, and reverse logistics companies whose involvement in this complicated issue could benefit all. The special session presentations are available on the CSPA Members Only website at: www.cspa.org/members

adminValuable Member Engagement at Impact 2016

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